Yepremian Blooper

Former Cypriot soccer player Garo Yepremian once recalled watching his first ever NFL football game -- as the Miami Dolphins' kicker. "I had no idea how to put my uniform on," he recalled.

In Super Bowl VII between the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins (on January 14, 1973), the Dolphins were nursing a comfortable fourteen point lead until, with 2:07 left, a Yepremian field goal attempt was blocked and the naive kicker scooped up the ball. Instead of simply falling on it, Yepremian then tried to pass it over a wall of Redskins. To the horror of 90,000 fans, the ball was caught by Washington's Mike Bass, who ran the ball back for a touchdown. "My mind went blank," Yepremian explained. Fortunately for the Dolphins, Yepremian was not called upon to kick again and the team held on for a seven point victory.

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