Russell Crowe: Cinderella Man?

"...it looked like

[Russell Crowe] was about to get his butt kicked by a group of men he'd picked a fight with in a bar. The men were reportedly having a laugh at Russ' expense, so he asked them to step outside. Russ was supposedly getting pummeled when his female personal trainer, five-time world karate champion Lourene Bevaart, stepped in, punched out the brutes and told them to stop picking on poor Russ..."

[In a key scene in Master And Commander: The Far Side of the World, Captain Jack Aubrey climbs his ship's rigging to prove his manlihood. Ironically, Crowe later admitted that he was terrified about shooting this scene -- because he was afraid of heights.]

[Russell Crowe's parents once ran an inn with such a reputation for boisterousness that it became known as The Flying Jug.]

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