Kid Rock & "The Talk"

Kid Rock was once asked when he planned to sit down and give his son (Bob Jr.) "the talk" about sex. "Oh, we've already had it," he replied. "I don't know if I should be sharing this with the world, but I'll tell you a funny part: We went to Taco Bell and brought books like Hair in Funny Places and sat down and ate some tacos. I cracked open a beer, and we chatted. His best question was: 'What if it doesn't fit?' And I go, 'Your Uncle Kracker has a saying: It may be small, but it fits 'em all.' He goes, 'What?!' I go, 'Wait, wait... scratch that.' I was more embarrassed than he was!"

[Rock's pint-sized pal, Joe C., on the other hand, was "hung like a horse."]

[Joe C. once performed with Kid Rock at MTV's Fashionably Loud -- and spent the whole time following the models up and down the runway and peeking up their skirts!]

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