Peter Humor

One day Peter Farrelly (one half of the famous Farrelly Brothers) posed for a nude photo with his hands held gingerly over his crotch. When the picture was later developed, photographers were surprised to discover that Farrelly's penis was in fact clearly visible in the shot.

Why had this not been noticed sooner? Because Farrelly had painted a watch face on "Peter Jr" and had covertly wrapped him around his wrist!

[Many keen-eyed viewers noticed a melon "with a suspicious hole in the rind" in a scene in Me, Myself & Irene in which Jim Carrey lounges on his bed. The scene once had Renee Zellweger waking Carrey and noticing her photograph beside a "watermelon with a masturbatory hole in it." When test audiences groaned at the seedy scene, the Farrellys cut it, but accidentally left the melon in the film.]

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