George Clooney: Phone Message

In 2003, George Clooney and some friends visited Hawaii's remote Kona Village Resort for a weeklong vacation. They all agreed not to check their phone messages until their return. Shortly before leaving, one of Clooney's friends left him a voice mail message as a joke: "It's ----," he said, "it's eight o'clock, and I like cock! I just like it!"

Clooney, having retreived the message, managed to get the friend's password and replace his outgoing message with the joke voice mail. When the group arrived at the airport a week later, Clooney watched with considerable amusement as the man screamed over the phone at his assistant, "Gimme the f---ing code!" and then retrieved several voice mails, including one from his mother. "That," she said, "was a weird message..."

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