Bette Midler: Kiss My Brass

"I've seen the young people," Bette Midler declared during a performance of her acclaimed revue "Kiss My Brass" one evening. "I've seen Christina Aguilera," she sniffed. "She was wearing pasties and garters! All these new girls are so trashy!" Here she paused for a moment before continuing: "And do I get a thank-you note? I opened the door to trash! I was trashy before any of these girls were born!"

[While playing The Paladium in London in 1978, Bette spotted a sign ("We Love Your Tits") -- and thrilled her fans by flashing them from the stage. "I opened the door for trashy singers with bad taste and big tits and don't you forget it, babe -- I have a patent on that," she once declared. "Ever since Britney performed in nothing but a live snake, one simply doesn't know what to wear. The trouble with snakes is you can't wear them while they're digesting."]

[The name of Midler's backup singer-dancers? The Harlettes!]

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