Jessica Simpson & the Buffalo Wings

Even in the highly competitive world of bubble-headed pop stars, Jessica Simpson may take the prize for airheadedness. She once declined an order of buffalo wings with the words: "No thanks -- I don't eat buffalo."

[Simpson's most famous food blooper came during the premiere episode of MTV's "Newlyweds" (a reality show chronicling the early days of Simpson's marriage to former 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey) when Jessica found herself sharing some canned tuna with her new husband in front of the TV. "Is this chicken, what I have?" she asked Lachey. "Or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says... 'Chicken by the Sea.'" "Voice for Adult Literacy United for Education (VALUE) believes that Jessica Simpson might not know how to read," Mojo Radio reported in 2004. "They see the signs of somebody who has trouble and knows how to hide it. Some examples that lead them to this conclusion: On the season finale, when Nick gave her a Valentine's Day card, she handed the card back to him saying that she couldn't read his handwriting and that he should read it to her, which he did. In the back of a limo on her way to tape a segment for VH-1, Jessica says she can't read her script because she'll get car sick. While staying at a hotel in New York, she couldn't figure out which room she was in even though the hotel keys had the room's number printed on them. She couldn't figure out the directions for payment methods at a gas station pump even though they were written on the pump. She constantly gives Nick presents, but is never shown giving him a card. Even with the infamous 'Chicken of the Sea' incident, the can clearly says 'tuna.' So is Jess illiterate? Or just stupid?"]

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