Gordon Gano: NHS Induction Ceremony

Violent Femmes frontman Gordon Gano was an excellent, if idiosyncratic, student. Indeed, despite his insistence on wearing a bathrobe to school every Monday (as a "passive protest"), Gano was invited to join the National Honor Society in his senior year.

During his NHS induction ceremony, Gano invited Brian Ritchie (then another local musician) to join him on stage to perform a song. The administration, expecting a mellow ballad, was shocked when Gano and Ritchie launched instead into a raucous rendition of "Gimme the Car" -- complete with the lines "Come on Dad, gimme the car tonight/I got this girl I wanna [guitar schwing]... I tell'ya what I'm gonna do/I'm gonna pick her up/I'm gonna get her drunk/I'm gonna get her high/I'm gonna make her cry..."

Gano was promptly stripped of his NHS membership and suspended from school. Even so, he had no regrets about the incident. And, Gano later recalled, "I never did return my National Honor Society pin."

[Gano was later named homecoming king (to the reported dismay of the homecoming queen).]

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