Casting Anthony Daniels

Ironically, Anthony Daniels -- famed for his role as C-3PO in George Lucas's Star Wars films -- was never a fan of the science fiction genre. Indeed, the only science fiction film he ever saw in a proper theatre was Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Daniels was so dissatisfied with the film that he walked out after only ten minutes and demanded to have his money back.

Nor had his distaste for science fiction diminished by the time he appeared in Star Wars ten years later. Indeed, one day on the set, Daniels reportedly attacked the C-3PO suit -- with a pair of scissors!

[Daniels later reluctantly agreed to dress as C-3PO in order to plant his "footprints" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of Mann's (formerly Graumans's) Chinese Theatre.]

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