Young McG & Anthony Michael Hall

Charlie's Angels director McG was a scrawny kid. At graduation, he stood just 5'4" tall and sported shiny new braces complete with the sort of wraparound headgear worn by Anthony Michael Hall's character (the geeky Farmer Ted) in Sixteen Candles -- a character to whom McG bore a striking resemblance.

McG memorized all of Farmer Ted's lines, dropped them liberally at parties, and even parlayed the resemblance into a date with a Pasadena girl who thought she was out with the young star. Though the stunt lost McG his virginity, the episode did not end as he had planned.

"We're rounding the corner to my parents' house," he later recalled, "and the girl says, 'Why is my mom's car in the driveway?' And so I have to say, 'I'm not Anthony Michael Hall.' The girl's jaw hits the ground. The mother is in tears. It was traumatic. I didn't sleep with another woman until I was in college, after I hit puberty and got my braces off."

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