Toni Morrison & Corregidora

By 1975, Toni Morrison had become the black editor at Random House (where whe worked for nineteen years). That year, D. Keith Mano, the "Book Watch" columnist for Esquire, composed an article about Gayl Jones and her new book, Corregidora. The piece, however, was as much about the work's editor as about Jones herself. "Toni Morrison is Gayl's Svengali editor at Random House," Mano wrote. "Toni is dynamic, witty, even boisterous in a good-humored way. And sharp. Very sharp. She often uses the pronoun I. She'll say, 'I published "Corregidora."'... I suspect the title page of 'Corregidora' should read, 'by Gayl Jones, as told to Toni Morrison.'"
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