Courtney Love & Sinead O'Connor

"Courtney Love annoyed other guests at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui when she made late-night calls to designers yelling that she needed the perfect dress for her upcoming appearance at a charity gig in London," the San Francisco Examiner reported in February 2003. "Organizer Elton John asked Courtney to sing one of his songs and she wants to make sure she looks her best. The mouthy rocker was overheard shouting, 'It's in front of the f---ing queen of England. My clothes have to be right! Sinead O'Connor will be there. Let her make an idiot out of herself!'"

[A shocked onlooker once described a photo shoot with Courtney Love: "She took her clothes off, lay naked on the pavement, set fire to things, poured champagne over her head and had her bikini line waxed in a room full of people."]

[As a teenager, Courtney Love ended up in a juvenile detention center for stealing a KISS T-shirt.]

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