Haim Saban & the Lions


[The billionaire Hollywood producer Haim Saban's] genius for business was apparent early in life. As a young man, he saw a terrible band play at a cafe in Tel Aviv. Saban lied to the cafe owner, telling the man he was in a better band, even though Saban couldn't play an instrument. Saban then took the owner along to hear a band he liked, wrapping his arm in a sling and pretending he couldn't play because he was injured; the members of the band had no clue what Saban was up to. The owner liked the band so Saban told the musicians that he had found them a gig at more than double their rate, but there was a catch. They could only get the gig if Saban played bass."

Though Saban was so inept that he was later asked to leave, the Lions, as they were called, became one of the biggest bands in Israel in the mid-1960s.

[Saban began promoting music tours, bringing such music legends as Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano and Bllod, Sweat, & Tears to Israel for the first time.]

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