David Hasselhoff & the Berlin Wall

In January 2004, former "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff complained to curators at the Berlin Museum at Check-Point Charlie about an omission in a collection of memorabilia about the fall of the Berlin Wall. "I find it a bit sad," he said, "that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls."

Speaking to Germany's TV Spielfilm in 1989 (the year the wall fell), Hasselhoff took credit for helping to reunite the country by singing his song "Looking for Freedom" before millions of German fans at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. He said he believed that he had personally moved people on both sides of the wall.

Hasselhoff later admitted that hardly any of his East German listeners could speak English.

["After my appearance," Hasselhoff recalled, "I hacked away at pieces of the wall that had the black, red and yellow colors of the German flag on it. I kept the big piece for myself and gave the smaller pieces to colleagues at Baywatch."]

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