Rulon Gardner: Health Freak

"Between 1 and 8 p.m. one day," GQ's Peter Richmond once recalled, "I watched [the Greco-Roman wrestler Rulon Gardner] eat a chicken hoagie, fried with pink sauce, an order of tater tots, an order of onion rings, a Butterfinger milkshake, a large cup of Mountain Dew, a square strawberry ice cream cone, an order of chicken fajitas, three more cups of Mountain Dew, a large bag of Swedish fish candy, a beef jerky stick the size of a Little League bat, a liter bottle of Mountain Dew, an apple Flavor Burst soft vanilla ice cream cone, and a dozen of Mrs. Powell's Cinnamon Rolls. He chose the chicken hoagie because it's more healthy than a cheeseburger."

["Nate Newton of the Dallas Cowboys celebrated pregame in the 1990s with a heaping plate of pasta, chicken, hash browns, a plate of eggs, bacon, and a half dozen slices of French toast. To cut back on calories, he downed the pasta without sauce."]

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