Rebecca Loos: Farm Hand

During a memorable episode of the British reality TV show "The Farm" in 2004, Rebecca Loos (David Beckham's former personal assistant) masturbated a boar for ten minutes to extract some semen. Ofcom (the agency responsible for regulating British programming) received several dozen complaints, many likening Loos's antics to "bestiality."

Some time later, Ofcom cleared Loos and the show's producers of any wrongdoing. "Rebecca Loos was selected by a qualified veterinary surgeon to assist him extracting semen from a boar on a neighboring farm," the agency ruled. Moreover: "The task performed by Rebecca Loos is one that occurs regularly on UK farms. We don't believe the scene was degrading or harmful to the boar."

[A pig can ejaculate up to half a liter of semen.]

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