Blink-182: Family Reunion

In April 2003 (following the U.S. invasion of Iraq), Blink-182 visited the Persian Gulf to play a show on the USS Nimitz:

"The Navy has asked Blink to provide a 'G-rated' show, but twenty seconds before they go on, DeLonge decides sailors have heard cursing before, and so the hour-long set begins with 'Family Reunion,' to which the lyrics, in their entirety, are: 'Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits, fart, doody, twat.'"

["We're going to play one more song," Mark Hoppus told the crowd at the end of the show, "and then I'm going to write my senator about getting you some more air conditioners here." As they left the stage, the band threw custom-made guitar picks into the crowd; one side was emblazoned with "blink 182." The other read: "I fought terrorism and all I got was this pick." Hoppus also suggested a way to improve the ship's morale: Every day, for an hour, have an officer walk through the hallways in an animal costume.]

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