Innocence Lost

At the tender age of six, Shirley Temple stopped believing in Santa Claus. Why? "Mother took me to see him in a department store," she later explained. "He asked for my autograph, and said he saw all my movies."

[In December 2002, "hordes of marauding Santas" descended upon bars, strip clubs, and cafes: "The scene has played out across the nation every December since 1994 as hundreds of men and women don their gay apparel for Santa Rampage, also known as Santarchy or Santacon. It started in San Francisco with about 35 Santas as one of the many antics of the Cacophony Society, a loosely organized band of pranksters." Said a New Orleans member of Santa Rampage: "I hadn't even heard of Santacon or Santanarchy... But if they get in our way, we'll kick their jolly asses."]

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