John Edward: Bogus Psychic

"Crossing Over" host John Edward was often accused of employing ruses to create the illusion that he was communing with the dead. Despite occasionally wowing gullible audiences with lucky guesses ("Is someone wearing his socks? He said to tell you 'socks'"), Edward was less fortunate with specific predictions.

At a psychic fair in Port Jefferson in 1991, a New York Times reporter sought predictions on the Gulf War's outcome. No one would bite -- except for Edward. His prediction? "I see it continuing for months." The war was over three weeks later.

[Ironically, young Edward -- who claimed to have out-of-body experiences, to see blue auras around his teachers, and to 'remember' family history which no one had told him -- did not predict his own future. He dreamed of owning a delicatessen.]

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