Kate Winslet: Stronger

While shopping with her mother one day, Kate Winslet happened to spot a former teacher who had repeatedly picked on her many years before. Despite her mother's pleas (that she not make a scene), Winslet approached the woman and said hello. "You're doing rather well for yourself," the woman remarked (an understatement given Winslet's recent Oscar nomination). "Yes, I'm acting," Winslet replied, "and you're working behind a makeup counter..."

"Actually, there's something I've been meaning to thank you for," Winslet added before walking away. "I wanted to thank you," she explained, "for being such a bitch -- because it made me stronger."

[Much of Kate Winslet's confronatational scene with Billy Zane in Titanic (including her spitting in his face) was improvised.]

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