Shane Richie: ?1.10p

In March 2004, Shane Richie (famed for his role as Alfie Moon on "EastEnders") declined a substantial offer for photos of his 40th birthday party (in the garden of his home in Denham, Buckinghamshire) and sold the exclusive rights to the Big Issue -- a magazine sold on the streets in aid of the homeless -- for ?1.10p.

"Shane and I were to place an exclusive with a major magazine for a six figure sum," his agent Phil Dale explained. "However, following a breakdown in negotiations, and having considered other options, we have decided to give this exclusive to the Big Issue for the princely sum of ?1.10 as Shane would like to put something back in to society as he was once homeless himself [as a 16-year-old on the streets of Plymouth, after a promised DJ job fell through]."

Why ?1.10p? "Shane," he said, "can get paid ?1 -- and I get my 10% commission!"

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