Al Capone of Pop

Legendary rock manager Don Arden, the so-called Al Capone of Pop, was famously protective of his talent -- a reputation sealed in the 1960s, when Arden's goons allegedly dangled a rival manager from a fourth-story window for attempting to poach one of Arden's clients. Arden never denied the allegations. ("As they were holding him in the air," Arden later recalled, "he crapped himself.")

Naturally, Arden was not amused when, in 1982, Ozzy Osbourne's new wife, Sharon, replaced Arden as his manager and removed Ozzy from Arden's label, Jet. Arden told Sharon to "get me a million dollars [for Osbourne], and piss off." Sharon, in turn, kicked Arden out of Ozzy's life and took pains to ensure that he never met her children.

Twenty years later, Sharon and Arden finally reconciled and Sharon allowed Arden to meet his grandchildren; Don Arden was her father.

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