Darren Robinson: Human Lunch Box

Darren "the Human Beat Box" Robinson (the fattest of the Fat Boys) once ordered and ate six servings of shrimp, six plates of fettucine, four roast beefs, seven sorbets, six milk shakes and two pitchers of lemonade in one sitting. Tragically, Robinson died in 1995 -- after falling off a chair in his kitchen.

[Like Darren Robinson, Big Punisher (aka Big Pun) ate to seek relief from "emotional pressures." While touring, he used a golf cart to transport him to the stage and often required an oxygen mask after performing. Pun died of a heart attack in 2000 -- age the age of 28.]

[In 2004, the Sunday Telegraph reported that dozens of seats on the Queen Mary II, "the world's biggest, newest and most luxurious cruise liner," were being broken under the weight of (mostly American) obese passengers.]

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