Harvey Karp: Neanderthal Parenting?

In 2004, pediatrician and bestselling author Dr. Harvey Karp published a new book entitled The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Among Karp's controversial claims? That a toddler should be treated not as human, but as a "chimpanzee" (12 to 18 months), a "Neanderthal" (18 to 24 months), a "cave kid" (24 to 36 months) and, eventually, a "villager" (36 to 48 months).

According to Karp, one cannot communicate with a toddler as one would with an adult. His advice? In order to form a primal bond with a child (and reduce temper tantrums by up to 90 per cent), parents should squat down to his or her level, like a monkey, and grunt and holler!

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