Ozzy Osbourne & Carson Daly

"Total Request Live" host Carson Daly once had the pleasure of meeting Ozzy Osbourne on his set at MTV. Daly congratulated the self-proclaimed "Prince of F---ing Darkness" on the success of his MTV reality show, "The Osbournes":

"F---ing Ozzy, man," he gushed, gripping the bewildered rocker's hand. "I f---ing love the show, it f---ing rocks, you f---ing rule. It's a f---ing killer!"

After Daly had departed, Ozzy turned and squinted into space. "Nice enough guy," he remarked to no one in particular, "but his language was atrocious!"

[During an interview one day, Ozzy was asked whether he had any advice for the young bands on the Ozzfest roster. He mulled the question briefly before giving his measured response: "F--- off." He later appeared in an ad (with his mouth taped shut) for the UK charity Children In Need. "Ozzy is going to raise a fortune by not using swear words for 24 hours," Sharon explained, prompting Ozzy to rip off the tape and shout: "No swear f***ing words? You've got to be f***ing joking! I'm the Prince of Darkness -- they expect me to f***ing swear!"]

[Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath (1970) was recorded in two days for less than $1,000.]

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