Gene Simmons: Hippie Chicks

One night, KISS frontman Gene Simmons (who claimed to have bedded some 4,600 women) found himself visiting a farmhouse with a bandmate and a couple of hippie chicks.

"Paul and I went to sleep in one room and the two girls were in the other room," Simmons recalled. "In the middle of the night, one of the girls got up and went to feed the dogs, and I woke up and saw her naked silhouette. I was going to go up to her and see if I could transact a little business, and Paul elbowed me. He was always more cautious...

"In the morning she came into the room and opened the front door... I said, 'You know, last night there was a moment where I woke up and saw you, and I was aroused, and I thought about making an advance, because you were quite beautiful.' I made a long speech, and at the end of the speech, she said, 'I'm sorry. Hold on a second.' She reached into her bag and pulled out a hearing aid and put it in her ear. I had to repeat this whole long speech a second time... She said, 'Oh, you wanna f---?'

"We went out to the barn, and we lay down on some blankets, and we began to get acquainted. But her hearing aid was on, and every time my head came near hers, I heard feedback noise from the hearing aid. It scared the pants off me at first -- actually, they were already off, but it was incredibly disconcerting."

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