Darrell Issa: Fraudster

In 1972, future Republican California congressman Darrell Issa and his brother Billy were arrested by Cleveland Heights police and accused of stealing a red Maserati from a used car dealership.

In 1980, upon his return from a holiday trip to Cleveland, Issa reported the theft of a 1979 cherry-red Mercedes 240. Police soon deduced that the car had not been stolen. Rather, it had been taken to a San Jose car dealership by a man resembling Billy Issa, who left with $16,000 in exchange for the car. Fortunately for Issa, charges were dismissed.

In 1985, Issa moved to San Diego County, where he began a business and soon made a fortune. The business? Manufacturing and distributing anti-theft car alarms.

[On the night of his arrest in 1972, Issa was found to carrying a hunting knife (his brother had a screwdriver). Issa was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Issa's explanation? The knife, he claimed years later, was merely a tool which he used as a box-cutter at work...]

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