Jim Rose: Spoon Trick

"Circus leader Jim Rose makes a living eating light bulbs and balancing chainsaws on his nose, but a spoon sent him to the hospital in August 1994. Rose was demonstrating how far he could push it up his nostril when he ruptured a membrane and began spurting blood. The Seattle native leads a sideshow that includes a performer who hangs concrete blocks from his genitals and a contortionist who squeezes his body through the head of a tennis racket. Ironically, Rose was boasting about his troupe's good safety record when the accident occurred. What's worse, he put the spoon back in the kitchen drawer without wiping it off."

[Jim Rose on how to eat glass: Start with bananas to coat your stomach. Then "chew the glass softly on your back molars, and don't swallow until it has the consistency of sand."]

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