Andr? the Giant: Provocation

Andr? the Giant (who once claimed to be 7'5" and 550 pounds) was incredibly strong, and equally gentle unless provoked. On one occasion, he was approached in a bar by four drunk men intent on proving their manliness. When Andr? declined an invitation to fight, they continued to taunt him. eventually, having lost his temper, Andr? chased his tormentors onto the street.

When they reached their car (parked in front of the bar), they jumped in and promptly locked the doors. Rather than break a window or door, Andr? reached down, gripped the vehicle beneath the door, flipped it over on the sidewalk (onto its roof), and left its occupants to explain to skeptical police that an angry "giant" had come along and overturned their car!

[Andr? once consumed 12 lobsters and 12 steaks at a buffet in Rhode Island and could allegedly consume more than a bottle of vodka without feeling a buzz.]

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