Master of Suspense?

Shortly after Alfred Hitchcock's death, Burt Reynolds was apprised of a surprising fact about the famed director. He did not have a bellybutton... and Smokey and the Bandit was his favorite film!

[Said Reynolds: "I have had people who were very intellectual, and my heroes, that have quietly said to me, 'I loved Smokey and The Bandit.' And I said, 'It's alright -- because so did 150 million other people.' I'm thrilled that Mr. Hitchcock felt that way and I convey to his daughter that, needless to say, he was the best."]

[How did Hitchcock like to relax after an exacting day at the studio? According to film scholar Dan Auiler: "He'd come home and eat dinner, often on a tray in front of the television -- and watch Lassie."]

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