Cuba Gooding, Jr: Show Me the Subtlety

Cuba Gooding, Jr was not without his critics, chief among them "Ebert & Roeper" cohost Richard Roeper.

"For a guy who used to be able to act," Roeper remarked after Gooding's appearance in Radio, "he now seems utterly incapable of infusing a performance with even a modicum of credibility. Jerry Maguire won Gooding an Oscar [for his role as football player Rod 'Show Me the Money' Tidwell] and made him a household name, but apparently it left him with the impression that he should Tidwell it up every time out, whether he's playing a bouncy con man in The Fighting Temptations or a mentally-challenged human mascot in Radio. He's like a guy who shows up at a wake with a karaoke machine. You just cringe."

[Gooding break-danced in the closing ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. His first film role? "Boy Getting Haircut" in Eddie Murphy's Coming to America.]

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