Man's Best Friend?

"One friend Jennifer Aniston made [in an artsy low-rent communal housing project in Laurel Canyon] was Kristin Hahn, who worked at Paramount and was a producer's assistant on Cheers. Jennifer would often lie on Hahn's couch, bemoaning the fact that she would never find film work ever again (at auditions she was constantly losing out to Kirsty Swanson -- the original Buffy).

"Along with the other girls they'd have boozy nights out where no one was allowed to talk to boys. One night Hahn broke the rules and brought back a new (male) buddy with whom she'd been sinking sake. Recognising this breach of etiquette, the house dog bit the interloper on the arse. The guy's name was Matthew Perry."

["He's one of the most sensitive people I've ever met," Jennifer Aniston once said of Matthew Perry. "More than most girls." Among the musicians that have made him cry? Barry Manilow.]

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