Hugh Grant discusses his scandal on Leno

"On June 27th, 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested by the LAPD 'on suspicion of lewd conduct in a public place,' having been caught in his car on Sunset Strip with prostitute Divine Brown (formerly Stella Marie Thompson), whom he'd apparently paid $50 to perform a service down below -- as it were. He received a ?1,180 fine and two years probation. His relationship with Hurley was in jeopardy, his police mug-shot in every paper in the world. His explanation that he was exhausted by the publicizing of Nine Months (12 interviews that very day) and didn't know what he was doing was not taken seriously. His stardom looked to be all over, almost as soon as it had begun.

"Yet somehow it did not taint him in the eyes of many. Suddenly appearing more manly to the young male demographic, he found orders of his videos went up 30%. Appearing on the Jay Leno show -- with Leno opening the interview with a loud 'What the hell were you thinking?' -- Grant replied with a mumbled, 'I'm not one to go around blowing my own trumpet' and sent the audience into raptures."

[The show earned Leno his third highest ever rating, and put him ahead of Late Night arch-rival David Letterman for the very first time.]

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