Richard Gere: Out of the Closet

"Richard Gere had never been allowed to escape the rumours that sprang up after American Gigolo and, as Cindy Crawford had suffered similar accusations, as a couple they were constantly under fire. The marriage, it was endlessly alleged, was a cover-up for their homosexuality. Eventually, they actually took a full-page ad out in the Times, announcing that they were heterosexual, monogamous and in love.

"A few months later, sadly, they split. Rumours flew that Crawford was seeing her ex, club owner Rande Gerber, and that, while filming First Knight, Gere had been involved with 22-year-old British actress Laura Bailey (and then model Elizabeth Nottoli). The British tabloids went crazy, but Gere took it bravely. Appearing at a gay/lesbian fundraiser in London in October, 1994, he said, 'You've all heard some rumours about me over the years. I guess this is the time to do it. My name is Richard Gere... and I am a lesbian.'"

[On December 12th, 1991, Cindy Crawford told long-term boyfriend Richard Gere that if he did not marry her she would leave. That very day, they flew to Las Vegas and were married.]

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