John Wesley's Journal

"John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, an evangelist who preached 40,000 sermons, left behind his Journal, covering the years 1735-1790, much of it written in an indecipherable code. In 1909, Rev. Nehemiah Curnock, of Rayleigh, England, was poking around through a secondhand bookstore when he came across a treasure -- John Wesley's personal Bible, with marginal handwritten notes by Wesley in the same mysterious code. The reverend bought the Bible, studied it, and then forgot about it.

"One night, shortly thereafter, while deep in sleep, Reverend Curnock had a dream -- he saw Wesley's Journal, and on one page the code was deciphered. Waking, he had the key. Remembering his dream, he examined Wesley's code in the Bible, and unlocked the mystery."

[Curnock's four volume translation of Wesley's Journal was published between 1909 and 1916.]

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