Young Brad Pitt - Worst Job Ever

In 1986, Brad Pitt, just "a paper short" of graduating from the University of Missouri at Columbia with a degree in journalism (and a minor in advertising), told his parents he had enrolled at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, climbed into his Datsun (called Runaround Sue) and left for California with $325 and dreams of stardom. A few weeks later, he moved into an apartment in North Hollywood. Although it was shared by Brad and eight roommates, the place had no furniture or appliances beyond a TV, a toaster oven, and a stereo. The boys slept on the floor together by night and visited the Job Factory by day to find odd jobs to pay the rent. They also held a contest to see who could find the most embarrassing job. Brad won hands down -- after standing on a corner on Sunset Boulevard, wearing a giant chicken costume in 100 degree heat, to advertise for El Pollo Loco.

Though Brad also moved refrigerators and ferried strippers around in a limousine, the chicken job held a special place in his heart. Years later, when he spotted another chicken mascot on the side of the road, he pulled over, said hello, and gave the man inside a $100 tip.

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