Guy Pearce, Queen Of The Desert


[In Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert], Guy Pearce played a drag queen who, along with a fellow queen (Hugo Weaving) and a trans-sexual (Terence Stamp), crosses Australia in a lavender bus (Priscilla) to play a drag show in Alice Springs. And Guy -- the hunky star of [the popular Aussie soap] Neighbours and The McGregor Saga, a man's man if ever there was one -- wasn't simply a drag queen. He was a screamer -- shrieking, squealing, flouncing and hilariously bitching. It was a brilliant performance in an important movie and all the more impressive when you know that Guy, Terence and Hugo, one day after dress rehearsal and still in full drag, actually went out drinking in the drag clubs of Sydney. Guy says it was the first time in 8 years that he went out without being recognised."

[Such was Guy Pearce's dislike of Hollywood that he often asked his agent to organise up to 20 auditions in two weeks so he could "go in, hit hard and get out of there."]

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