Stuart Townsend: Scam Artist


[In Shooting Fish] Stuart Townsend played a geeky English techno boffin who teams up with fast-talking American Dan Futterman to pull off a series of ingenious scams...

"To get the chemistry going between the two male leads, Schwartz [director Stefan Schwartz] had them go out on Oxford Street and try to sell car alarms that supposedly fired a mighty bolt of electricity through any would-be thief. They also had to pull another scam -- which Schwartz filmed -- where Futterman had to sell expensive perfume on a street-corner. Stuart would come up when a crowd had gathered, and claim to be on his way to see his girlfriend in Guildford. Futterman would persuade him to buy her perfume, and Stuart would hand over a ?50 note, only to see Futterman grab it and run. Stuart would give brief chase, only to fall over a cunningly placed bag. Then he'd burst into tears -- prompting all the good ladies watching in horror to give him money for his trip to Guildford. It worked -- the guy was a genuine charmer..."

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