Arms and the Man

U2's Adam Clayton once told Tina Weymouth (of The Talking Heads) that she should really cover her arms onstage "because they're too muscular." Weymouth, devastated, kept them covered throughout the production of Stop Making Sense.

"Then," she recalled, "some little anarchic devil came over me at this benefit concert U2 had in London... I went backstage to say hello. Adam was wearing a cut-off jean jacket, so I said, 'Adam, you were amazing tonight, but really you should cover your arms, they're not muscular enough.'"

["He looked at me, totally surprised," Weymouth added, "and Keith Richards was standing behind him -- his arms are totally gnarly in part from decades of heroin use, you know. Keith looked at me, then he started looking down at his arms. Then Adam remembered what he told me. He had a sense of humor about it, but I told him he really destroyed me for four years. He said he had no idea he had that kind of effect on me. Keith was looking at the two of us like we were out of our minds, like, 'Who gives a f--- about arms, man?'"]

[Weymouth once saw Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers in Lafayette, Louisiana (at a black cowboy bar): "They have this funky, sexy Cajun-zydeco way of dancing. If you're the woman, they grind on you, but they're not trying to dominate you, they're just feeling what they should be -- tough men. It makes line dancing look really cracker." Her final verdict? "You wanna f--- to these guys!"]

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