Anthony Romero: Civil Liberties

After 9/11, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) executive director Anthony Romero was widely criticized by liberals for meeting with conservative groups to discuss the erosion of civil liberties entailed by the Patriot Act. Before a speech at a conference one day,he became emboiled in an argument with actor Esai Morales. "I don't want to hear that my freedoms are in danger," he said. "They're gone!" "That's what happens when you give the job to a Puerto Rican," Romero jokingly replied. "A week later all civil liberties go out the window."

[Romero, arguably the most hated man in America, often received death threats and other nasty calls. "I had someone call my house," he once recalled, "and read me the Book of Leviticus..."]

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