Michael Moore: Hunting Season

After a year at the University of Michigan, Michael Moore started a small alternative newspaper in Flint, Michigan:

"In 1980, the Voice ran a story about a motel that refused to hire black people or give them rooms after eight o'clock at night. Another article revealed that the mayor was using federally paid workers to go door to door campaigning for him. When the mayor heard about the story, he obtained a warrant and ordered the Flint police to seize the printing plates right off the press; Moore went to court and got the seizure reversed, and the incident became national news.

"The paper also ran articles about the wider world; Moore was interested in the usual lefty international issues of the time. He was involved in the anti-apartheid campaign at the University of Michigan. He travelled to Nicaragua in 1983 to check out the Sandinistas, and to Israel in 1988 to witness the first intifada. There was also comic relief. Each year during deer-hunting season, around a million hunters tromped into the Michigan woods, many of them drunk, and each year about ten people died; Moore ran a clip-and-save ad in the paper that placed a photo of a man, titled 'Man,' next to a photo of a deer, titled 'Deer,' and asked that readers study the two carefully before setting out."

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