Michael Moore visits Mississippi

One day during his "TV Nation" run, Michael Moore was shocked to learn that the state of Mississippi had not yet ratified the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Moore's response? He had another correspondent visit Mississippi -- to buy some slaves.

[Among Moore's other stunts? Sending a gay men's choir to sing to homophobic South Carolina senator Jesse Helms, trying to present a suitcase full of "corp aid" cash to various firms being fined for corporate malfeasance, enlisting a felon to run as a presidential candidate, and running a ficus for Congress... Many of Moore's stunts effected remarkable changes. Another "TV Nation" segment on undocumented workers fired for trying to form a union led their employer to hire them back. A mock funeral on "The Awful Truth" for a man whose HMO had refused to cover his condition prompted the company to reverse its policy. And Michael's visit to Kmart headquarters with two victims from the Columbine massacre persuaded the company to stop selling bullets.]

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