Ted Knight: Ashes to Ashes

While shooting an episode of "Too Close for Comfort," Ted Knight stumbled over one of his lines. "Be practical," Audrey Meadows begged. "There's the cost of the funeral to think about. Ten thousand dollars alone..." "I don't need a funeral," Knight replied. "Just throw my ass [ie. ashes] over the side of the boat and..." Though Knight stopped speaking, no one called for the scene to end and the cameras kept rolling, prompting Meadows to continue with the scene. "With the money you're leaving, who can afford a boat?" she asked. "We'll just have to throw your ass out of a cab window off the Golden Gate bridge!"

[The cast's laughter grew so uncontrollable that, after the umpteenth unsuccessful take, Knight finally turned to the crew. "Pack a lunch guys!" he laughed. "Oh well, it's only tape."]

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