Sheridan: Beaten?

"Lord John

[Russell] told a good trick of

[Richard Brinsley] Sheridan's upon Richardson -- Sheridan had been driving 3 or 4 hours in a hackney coach, when, seeing Richardson pass, he hailed him, and made him get in -- he instantly contrived to introduce a topic upon which Richardson (who was the very soul of disputatiousness) always differed with him -- and, at last affecting to be mortified by R.'s arguments, said 'You really are too bad -- I cannot bear to listen to such things -- I will not stay in the same coach with you' and accordingly got out & left him -- Richardson hallooing out triumphantly after him 'Ah, you're beaten -- you're beaten' -- nor was it till the heat of his victory had a little cooled that he found out he was left in the lurch to pay for Sheridan's three hours' coaching."

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