Ulysses S. Grant:

In 1880, former President Ulysses S. Grant visited Calcutta with his entourage. The Viceroy of India (Lord Lytton) later described the visit:

"On their last night, General Grant and 'Suite' -- with the exception of Mrs G (who was 'incommoded in her inside') dined with the Chief Justice Sir R. Garth and Lady Garth, from whose house they embarked. On this occasion 'our distinguished guest' the double Ex-President of the 'Great Western Republic,' who got as drunk as a fiddle, showed that he could also be as profligate as a lord. He fumbled Mrs A., kissed the shrieking Miss B. -- pinched the plump Mrs C. black and blue -- and ran at Miss D. with intent to ravish her.

"Finally, after throwing all the Garths' female guests into hysterics by generally behaving like a [randy] elephant, the noble beast was captured by main force and carried (quatre pattes dans l'air) by six sailors on board the ship which relieved India of his distinguished presence. The marine officer who superintended the carriage of the General from the house to the ship, reports that, when deposited in the public saloon cabin, where Mrs G. was awaiting him with her cock in her eye, this remarkable man satiated there and then his baffled lust on the unresisting body of his legitimate spouse, and copiously vomited during the operation. If you have seen Mrs Grant you will not think this incredible..."

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