Cristiano Ronaldo pulls off his shirt

After heading the goal which brought a 1-0 victory for Portugal against Holland during Euro 2004, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo pulled off his shirt to the cheers of spectators -- and was promptly given a yellow card by the referee, who declared that Ronaldo's show of skin constituted "unsportsmanlike conduct."

Some time later, in July 2004, two female German Green party MPs -- Evelin Schoenhut-Keil and Margareta Wolf -- tabled a motion demanding that soccer players be allowed to show off their bodies without getting a yellow card.

In an open letter to the German Football Association, the MPs wrote: "Get rid of the yellow card and instead let players show their athletic torsos!" Schoenhut-Keil added: "We can't understand how the voluntary showing of a gorgeous male chest can be objectionable."

[Thousands of German woman had already backed a petition demanding that FIFA rules be changed to allow footballers to rip off their shirts and parade their torsos after a winning goal.]

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