Terrell Owens and Joe Horn - touchdown celebrations


[New Orleans Saints receiver] Joe Horn had a problem when I pulled out a Sharpie, signed the ball, and gave it away after scoring against Seattle," Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens once recalled. "He said he'd never do anything like that -- and then he pulls out a cell phone from under the goal post padding [to make a celebratory call] after scoring against the Giants!""His celebration was a Rembrandt," Owens added, "but I'm Picasso!"Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren called the display "a dishonor to everyone who ever played the game." And Shawn Springs, who was covering Owens when he made the catch, had this to say: "I was pissed off that he beat me, and next time we play I'm gonna try to tear his head off, but if the shoe was on the other foot.. I'd have done the same thing."

[According to kidzone.com: "The fun police at the NFL penalized the Saints 15 yards and fined Joe Horn $30,000. The league also made him write, 'I will not use my cell phone during games' 100 times."]

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