Peter Dinklage: Actor's Actor

"On his way to meet me

[GQ writer Peter Rubin] at his favorite Brooklyn dive, Peter Dinklage saw [another] dwarf on the subway. The man recognized Dinklage and told him that he was an actor, too, and that rather than take a paycheck to play another elf at yet another Radio City Christmas Spectacular, he quit. 'I just want to thank you for what you've done,' he said to Dinklage.

"And yet now, a few minutes later, Dinklage is unsure what to make of the encounter. 'If an actor comes up and talks about liking my work, that's great,' he says, leaning forward, both palms flat on a table. 'But when it turns into... a cause? That's not why I do this.'

"He slugs some beer from his plastic cup. 'I do this to pick up chicks!'"

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