Jim Caviezel: Playing Jesus

"A stranger came up to me on the streets of Los Angeles and said, 'You will play Jesus,' then walked off," Jim Caviezel once recalled. "Two months later, I got a call about a movie, but not this one -- this was long before anyone even knew Mel was planning a movie about Jesus Christ

[The Passion]. So as I was meeting with the producer, Mel just happened to show up, just to 'sit in and listen.' Then, after a while, he started talking about ... Jesus Christ...

"That's when I remembered the guy coming up to me on the street. I said to Mel, 'This meeting is a front. You want me to play Jesus.' He went, 'Y-Y-Y-YAH!' I said, 'Just give me the script'...

"After accepting the role, I said, 'Mel, it's so weird: My initials are J.C. and I'm 33 years old.' He wigged out!"

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