Howie Mandel: New York Deli

"I was in New York," Howie Mandel once recalled, "and the owner of the deli walks out -- he recognizes me. He walks out. I'm sitting there for lunch and he comes out [grabbing his crotch] and he goes, 'Hey, Howie Mandel [grabbing his crotch]. I love what you do!' I said, 'Well [grabbing his own crotch], thank you very much.' He said, 'I own this f---ing place [grabbing his crotch].' I go, 'Great.' He said, 'Let me tell you what I'm gonna do [grabbing his crotch], for you.' I said, 'What the f--- are you gonna do [grabbing his crotch], for me?' He says, 'Let me tell you [grabbing his crotch]. I'm gonna make your sandwich myself.'"
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